E2II PART TEST 11 for NEET 2022

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E2II 11 th Part Test                           Duration: 2:00 Hours

No. of Questions

Physics- 30

Chemistry- 30

Biology- 30

*******Must Read before starting exam:

  1. As your final NEET exam is going to be responded in OMR , download PDF of this exam paper > Fill OMR at home > Send a picture in mentorship group immediately > Submit same responses in website exam portal ( Order of questions in PDF and exam portal are same) 
  2. Set an alarm at your clock now with duration of 3 hours and put that clock before your eyes throughout.
  3. Don’t try follow unfair means to obtain good marks temporarily in practice exam. It will spoil your potential and probability to secure a good rank in actual NEET Exam.
  4. Take exam with utmost sincerity to accept vibes of real NEET exam. It will make you more familiar with exam stress.


Chemistry :

1. General principles and processes of isolation of elements
2. Biomolecules

Physics :

  1. Nucleus
2. Semiconductors
3. electronic material devices and simple circuit

Biology :

1. Organism and population
2. Biodiversity and conservation
3. environmental issues



All the Best!!!